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 名古屋スターアイズ/Nagoya Star eyes






I watched the figure skating finals from 3am in the morning. Every countries skater had their own beauty and it was interesting just watching there expressions. The first Japanese skater was Miki. It felt really long although it was only a few seconds when she challenged 4 spin jumps. Although it didn’t go well it is wonderful she challenged it. After that high level skaters followed and at last it became Arakawa’s time. It was amazing. So beautiful I forgot it was sports. But you can’t judge art so I guess it is sports. I was so pleased when she won gold. She is the same age as me. I wonder if I will be able to express that much when I get to my peek as a musician.

Without enough sleep I went to Nagoya. It is my first time to play in a jazz club as a leader. I felt nervous because it was a new place but the members and the master of star eyes were very kind so I could relax and play. The photo is with Mr.Hiroyuki Kitagawa on bass and Mr.Yuichi Hayashi on piano. It was our first time tougher so we played mostly standards but next time I would like to play some originals.

After playing I felt that people in Nagoya are really kind warm. They are great listeners.

This reminds me of the figure skater Ms.Suguri Fumie. She always says in her interview how she is thankful to the audience and she says that she could skate because of them. I really understood that feeling yesterday. Thank you so much for coming yesterday. I really would like to go to Nagoya again.

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