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 吉祥寺ストリングス/Kichijyoji Strings





Today in the day time I rehearsed for the flute summit runned by Mr.Kosei Kikuchi. It was interesting because Mr.Kikuchi also playes the sax so there were some ideas that I wouldn’t have come up with. I shall use it with our band cubic note next time. It is my first time to play with Mr. Ryo Sakagami. I was the only jazz flute player in my university so I have never compeated against other flute players but it is really fun when 3 flute players get tougher.

We are playing at Tokyo TUC on the 26th. I hope to see you there.

By the way my recent aim is to play with a relaxed feeling not to push the note. I think this is common with all flutists but we normaly have to play loud because the band members play SO loud. Anyway I have got to reached that if my sound is a really good sound if it is not a loud sound people will hear it. This is quite difficult but I am going to try it.

To complete my new idea I need help by the listeners too. In that way tonight’s audience were great. It was my first time to play at Kichijyoji Strings. It had a nice atmousphier and a good sound. I really liked it so I hope I can play there again. It is great to play with Yukari and Orie. They can play really softly and also amazingly dynamic so it is exciting.

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