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I played in Nao’s trio in Teisyaba. It was my first time to be able to go there but I had always heard about it from my friends so I was glad to be able to go there at last. There is always some pressure and joy to go to new places and going to different places everyday is very interesting. I was also glad that I could play with out any PA. Teisyaba’s system is that they don’t take any music charge but the audience has to give tips to the musicans. Japanese aren’t used to giving tips so I don’t like this system but I shall see how it goes. Maybe I will change or the jazz world in Japan might change.

The next day I played in Gateone first time with out the drums. I could play with out the mike also here too so I was pleased. Nao the leader from yesterday came to sit in Also Shinji and Mariko the owner couple are great musicians, they both joined in and Yuuka a samba singer happened to be there too so a lot of musicans were there. Unfortunately there were not many audience there which was a shame but I still enjoyed it.

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(2007/05/14(月) 11:19)

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