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 3月5日 アップル


I played with Mr.Shindo Yogo in Kannai Apple. Playing as a DUO is very challenging and really changes depending with who you are playing so I love it. It was raining very hard but maybe because I am half British I don’t really care about umbrellas so some people might thought I am strange.

In the day time I had a rehearsal with maiko the violin player. We are playing a duo in café clair in Nishiarai on 3/11. We have prepared some new songs so I hope to see you there.


On the day before I played with Mr. Toru Tenda the bass flute player who I am playing together in No Trunks in march and the hello goodbye project in April and Mr.Makoto ABO Arai the didgeridoo player. They are both quite unusual instruments so it was a great experience. It made me think about how important it is to convey the power of just one note. We had a session with the musicians from Kisarazu which was also fun.

そして、その前の3月3日にもおもしろい事がありました。これまたハローグッバイで一緒のベースの斎藤草平さんのソロパフォーマンスがあるとの事で、ダンサーの児玉麗奈さんをお誘いして六本木のクールトレインへ。ヨーロッパの洋館のようなとても素敵な建物でした。夜はジャズのライブハウスですが、昼間はギャラリーとして営業しているそうです。この日はそのレセプションで、Eiji Suzukiさんという画家の個展の中で、ベースのソロ演奏が入るといった催しでした。テーマは「孤独とホームレス」だそうで、メチャクチャかっこよかったです。表現する事の素晴らしさ、同じ空間を共有する事の楽しさを思い出して、色々参考になりました。是非またいってみたいお店です。

And the day before that there was also an interesting thing. My friend Sohei Saito the bass player was having a solo performance in Roppongi cool train so I asked Rena the dancer to come with me and we went together I went to cool train for the first time and it had a beautiful outcome and I loved the atmosphere. This day was a reception because cool train is going to open as a art garrey in the day time. They had an exhibition by Mr.Eiji Suzuki and Sohei was going to play a solo performance amongst his drawings. It was amazing and I really enjoyed it. A lot to learn from and very inspiring. I would love to go again,

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